2016 Annual General Meeting

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2016 Annual General Meeting of Tropical Hill Paradise Home Owners
Tuesday, 10 January 2017 at 7pm in Clubhouse 


1. Owners Present 

The following owners were at the meeting:

D74/5; D67; D25 (2); D14 (2); D14; D71; D32; D16; D15; D4; D71; D48 (2); D51 (2); D22; D54; D56; D35; D66; D5; D18; D10; D52; D73(2); D2. An additional 25 owners voted for Committee members through the online survey.


2. Chairman’s report 2016 

2.1 Contracts: The Chairman highlighted a number of items concerning contracts for services:

  • a new 2 year contract awarded to the present Clubhouse manager (Pia), and some relief of rent during poor high season months.
  • The new security company has recommended the use of car stickers to denote owners, plus “visitor” and “contractor” badges – this in the light of some problems with unauthorized people entering the site. To be implemented during January.

2.2. Improvements and maintenance: many improvements have been undertaken during the year, including:

  • repair of a significant leakage from the communal pool, with new pipework from tank to pumphouse, at a cost of 68k baht.
  • Additional improvements to the site (listed in the Report), including road markings and speed signs, at a total cost of over 475k baht.

2.2 Acknowledgements: concluding his report, the Chairman thanked Treasurer and Vice Treasurer, Ana Khunchai and Peter Hughes, for their hard work in managing the finances of the Committee. Also to Tony Salt for his assistance in effecting an orderly transition of Chairman during 2016. Tony and Hasse Nordenstrom were retiring from the Committee, and thanked for their service.


3. Financial matters 

3.1 Income and expenditure: reported that total expenditure for 2016 was 1,802,256.94 bt, while income totalled 1,885,179.00 bt, resulting in a small surplus. Added to the carry over balance from 2015, the surplus carried into 2017 is in excess of 800,000 bt (including the mandatory 355k bt for insurance purposes). A full breakdown of expenditure and income was presented to the meeting.

3.2 Proposed budget for 2017: estimated expenditure for 2017 was planned at around 2m bt (including a 500k bt reserve for major maintenance)*. Planned income was around 2.7m bt (including the 355k bt insurance requirement, and the surplus from 2016). A full budget paper was presented to the meeting, together with a proposal to keep annual maintenance fees at 20k for 2017. This was agreed and the budget accepted unanimously by the meeting. 

* The Chairman pointed out to the meeting that significant work is likely to be required to the clubhouse roof, as several rain leakages have already been repaired, but further leakages are appearing. This will be reviewed and addressed by the 2017 Committee.


4. Voting for candidates for 2017 Committee 

Tony Salt (past Chairman and retiring from the Committee) reported that 25 owners voted on line, plus another 8 voting papers were counted at this meeting. There were 8 candidates for up to 9 positions, and all eight were duly elected. A subsequent meeting of the newly elected Committee determined officer roles. The 2017 Committee is: Ana Khunchai Faraday – Treasurer

  • Anders Goteson
  • Colin Faraday – Chairman Peter Ericsson
  • Jouko Pihlaja – Webmaster Roger Hunt – Vice Chairman
  • Lennart Olsson
  • Peter Hughes – Vice Treasurer


5. Signatories for cheques 

It was agreed by the meeting to continue with the three existing official signatories for financial documents:

Roger Hunt, Peter Hughes and Ana Khunchai Faraday.


6 Other matters and proposals 

  • Roy Nobbs (D2) proposed that the lights along the wall from the site entrance should be reinstated. Referred to Committee to discuss and cost.
  • Roy Nobbs also proposed a radical solution to the “cat problem” experienced by so many owners and residents on the site. Few attendees agreed, but this too was referred to the Committee to find a solution.
  • Dealing with non-payers of maintenance fees was discussed again at length. Radical solutions were put forward – such as banning non-payers from entering the site. Also referred back to Committee.
  • Use and need for a THP website was discussed but not resolved. Also referred back to the Committee, to look at low cost methods, design and content. Jouko Pihlaja – assisted by Gino Crescoli (D22) will take the lead on this.
  • The continuing shortage of City water was again discussed – with no resolution. This is a Hua Hin-wide problem, but there is suspicion of unfair distribution in the city.

The meeting ended at 9 pm, and the Chairman thanked owners for their participation. Several Owners voiced their appreciation to the committee for their time and effort during the year. This was noted, with thanks.



Chairman 2017

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