2017 Maintenance fees and water charges

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Dear THP Owners,

Please be reminded that the fee of 20,000 Baht (twenty thousand Baht) + used water is due at the end of march, 2017. You may pay a Committee member in person or transfer the money to:

  • Swift code SICOTHBK
  • Account no 766-235162-9
  • Siam commercial bank plc, Hua Hin branch, 77/33 Petchakasem road, Hua Hin, Prachup Kiri Khan, 77110, Thailand.


Anyone who has already deposited money into this account can they please e-mail new Treasure Ms Ana with the date and amount sent.

The water meters are all working well and are being checked regularly. All owners will be charged for water used during the year, in an invoice that will be ready for the janyary 2017 annual general meeting.

Owners with tenants renting their houses will be directly responsible for paying the annual water charge. Where tenants have a rental agreement to pay for the water they use the money must be collected by the owner. The committee does not collect money from tenants.

One owner asked a question about why we invoice annually for water, and not monthly. One reason is that committee members are all unpaid volunteers and time is limited. Monthly, individual billing for 80 odd owners would be a big job, and we would need to hire administrative staff to calculate fees, send invoices, chase payments and keep careful accounts all year.


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