Annual General Meeting 16th January

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Dear owners

You will shortly receive papers in respect of the forthcoming AGM.   Prior to this, I wish to point out to you that the Legal Entity of Tropical Hill 2, requires that one third (28) of  owners need to vote on issues requiring a vote of agreement at the meeting.  It is unlikely that 28 owners will be here on January 16 to attend the meeting.  I therefore request you to contact an owner who you know will be at the meeting, and give him/her your proxy vote on the two issues (below) which need agreement. One owner can take up to 3 proxy votes for other owners, and authority should be sent by email to the owner you choose to represent you.

The two issues requiring your votes are:

  1. the Committee is recommending keeping the Annual Maintenance fee at 20,000 bt for 2018,
  2. keeping the water charge per unit used to 21bt, as for last year.

So if you will not be in attendance, please email an owner you know and ask him/her to vote on your behalf (proxy).  That owner will need to print off your email as evidence of authority.

Many thanks

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