“Mid-Term” Report, 2018

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This is an update concerning maintenance, development and management issues at THP since the AGM in mid January this year. The Committee has met routinely once a month, plus several additional meetings to manage significant issues. At the AGM, Tom Hepler was elected to the Committee, with the other 8 members being unchanged. Details and mug-shots of members can be found on our website. Some members are now away from Thailand for a few months.
Much work has been done so far this year, including the collection of nearly 100% of maintenance and water fees. (The one exception is D19, which is now bank-owned, and a payment of around 170k bt – 5 years plus interest – is expected this month). Unfortunately we had to “chase” some owners to pay up, with some unfortunate attitudes being displayed in messages. Many thanks to Ana, our Treasurer, for her stern negotiations with two banks, to recover over 200k bt in outstanding fees at D58 and D19.

1. Improvements to date

Clubhouse roof: The most significant improvement achieved this year has been the replacement and extension of the clubhouse roof, which was completed in May. The work was undertaken by a local builder, using local labour, and high quality materials. Again, Ana performed the tasks of negotiating the contract, and overseeing the progress of the work, communicating, of course, in Thai. Ana’s experience in Thai business legal and contractual issues, and progress chasing, has proved invaluable. Pictures of the new extended roof can be found on our website. The extension of the roof provides for better shelter from driving rain and more sunshade. The total cost of the new roof was just under 600k bt.
In addition to the new roof, we have also constructed more attractive garden areas to the left and right of the clubhouse entrance – felling some trees as necessary.
Safety rails: Rails and steps have been installed in the Jacuzzi, and a handrail has been installed on the steps leading up to the clubhouse entrance. A light has also been re-installed at the foot of these steps.
Pool area lighting: 7 lights have been installed around the grassed area near the pool. These LED lights are regulated by a timer, and are on from 6pm to 10pm.
Garden improvements: several additional shrubs, bushes and hedges have been planted around the pool and in other areas such as in front of the clubhouse. Three new parasols – with very heavy bases – have been purchased
Tree lopping: several trees which were overhanging roads have been pruned. In addition, trees bordering the rear of the THP site have been cut down, and chemical applied to roots. This is to minimise the risk of snakes entering the site from the trees. Trees beside Soi 3 have also been cut down.
Clubhouse furniture: several chairs in the restaurant have been refurbished. Additional shelving has been installed in the library area (and the books in the English section placed in alphabetical order of surname of authors). An attractive screen has been installed outside the ladies toilet.
Cleaning: Khun Chaloor’s wife is now responsible for keeping the clubhouse and outside areas clean. She is doing a very good job of this, and also does work for many of us privately. She is very reliable and hard-working.
Feral cats: We have purchased a large cat-trap in order to address the nuisance caused by stray/feral cats. To date 5 such cats have been caught and set free in the countryside. Thanks to Lennart Olsson for undertaking this.


2. Contracts

Security: Our security company has changed its name to Phunsup SG, due to the father handing over to the son. Nothing has changed, and the contract (43,500 bt per month) is unchanged, with Khun Chaloor still looking after us!
Pool Maintenance: Art continues to do an excellent job. His contract (12k bt per month) has been renewed for two years, with an option for extension after that.
Gardens: contract has been renewed for the year, at 10k bt per month. The gardeners do extra work – such as tree felling- for extra payment. The gardens are well maintained.
Clubhouse: Pia’s contract was renewed late last year for two years. Conditions were reported in the AGM documents. The contract for termite control for the clubhouse is still in place (7k per year). Insurance of the clubhouse and pool has been renewed.


3. Future plans

Lighting: the black lights – and underground cabling – around the clubhouse and pool area will not be renewed, as it is considered to be too expensive to justify (circa 100k bt). A proposal to install lights in the two salas, and another on the steps, is under consideration.
Road repairs: we have tried to find a contractor to repair gaps in the roads. We have had several quotations, including a quotation from our roof builder, but considered too expensive (80-160k bt). Ana will source an alternative contractor upon her return to Hua Hin.
Trees: the trees outside the rear (west) of the site will be cut down each year.
Social events: there has been a suggestion to hold games nights and other events at the clubhouse for entertainment. Ideas are welcome – just email me.


4. Issues

Maintenance fee payment: the process of writing to people (several times) to persuade them to pay, is arduous and sometimes provokes unpleasant replies. Also, many payers from abroad still do not email us to say they have paid, and sometimes do not include the 200 bt bank fee. This causes a lot of work for Committee members, and it is not fair to them. I appeal to all owners to be diligent in paying on time, and notifying us of international bank transfers, adding 200 to your payment. In-country transfers do not incur this charge, but we still need an email to inform us of the transfer. THE BANK DOES NOT RECORD OR INFORM US WHO HAS PAID INTO THE BANK – FREQUENT TRIPS INTO TOWN IS REQUIRED TO IDENTIFY PAYERS WHO DO NOT EMAIL US. Please email us stating your name, plot D number, and amount paid in.
Parties: it is apparent that some new owners have purchased houses at THP solely to rent them out for weekend parties. This results in disturbances with neighbours, and is anti-social . THP is a quiet, residential village, and we want to keep it that way. It is the responsibility of all owners to ensure that their tenants abide by the code of conduct of THP – issued to all houses.
Water supply: city water supplies have improved this year, but still spasmodic and a continuous adequate supply is yet to be achieved. We continue to monitor this and have a dialogue with the water authorities.

I wish you all a pleasant summer (or winter), and look forward to seeing you at THP later in the year. Best regards to you all.

Colin Faraday, Chairman 2018
For THP Committee, 14 June 2018

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