“Mid-Term” Report 2019

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1. Summary

This report is to update all owners on the activities of your elected Committee thus far in 2019, concerning the maintenance and management of the THP site.
Your Chairman unfortunately had to return to the UK in January, and hopes to return to Hua Hin later this year. Roger Hunt, your Vice Chairman, has been deputising. The Committee continues to meet monthly, and generally everything is running smoothly.
There are, however, some items or activities which require specific mention below.


2. Activities and news items

2.1 Collection of Maintenance and water fees: all but one owner had paid fees by 31 May.
Repeated reminders have been sent to the outstanding owner, to no avail. We shall now take steps as per the Legal Entity, to impose penalties on this owner.

2.2 Clubhouse roof: the additional work required to the new clubhouse roof – as discussed at the Annual General Meeting in January – has now been completed by SCG at an additional cost of 130k bt.
After recent rain, there are no reports of any leakages.

2.3 Road repairs: it continues to be very difficult to locate a contractor who is able or is interested in repairing our roads. The matter is being discussed with one contractor, who wishes to leave it until after the rainy season. This work ideally should have been done before the rainy season, as rain continues to undermine the roads.

2.4 Feral cats: this problem is largely solved since we purchased a cat trap, and Big Hunter Lennart Olsson caught and relocated the main offenders.

2.5 Contracts: Security, pool maintenance, gardens maintenance, Clubhouse restaurant and termite control at the Clubhouse are all in place until 2020.
Insurance of the Clubhouse and pool is also in place until next year.


3. Future plans

3.1 Road repairs: we hope to complete repairs to our roads by the end of this year.

3.2 Water: having established that the water tower is our responsibility, we plan to arrange to have this painted. Water supply has been good this year, and we have received notification from City Water, that it will improve further in the near future!


4. Issues

4.1 Maintenance fees: it remains a very difficult task collecting maintenance and water charges from many owners. This involves our Treasurer and Vice Treasurer constantly emailing reminders to people. Please bear in mind that your Committee members manage everything in their own time, unpaid, and would appreciate better cooperation in this matter in future.

4.2 Speeding: we have erected several more speed restriction signs in THP, and increased the limit to 20 kph. Please ensure that you and your tenants adhere to these restrictions, as there are several people who drive or ride too fast within THP. This applies to several owners also.

4.3 Security: there has been a recent incident of theft from a house in THP. Please be security conscious, and lock all doors when you leave your house, and advise your tenant likewise.

4.4 Site Rules: I request that all owners make their tenants aware of the Code of Conduct (Rules) issued by the Committee. These rules are in everyone’s interest, and should be followed. I wish you all a pleasant summer or winter, and look forward to seeing you back at THP.

Colin Faraday,
Chairman, 2019
30 June 2019, For THP Committee

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