Notice of Annual General Meeting of owners

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Tuesday, January 8th, 7pm, at the THP Clubhouse

Dear Owners,

In accordance with the Legal Entity document issued by the local Land Office, an Annual General Meeting of owners of property at THP, in respect of the past year (2018), has been arranged for Tuesday, 8th January 2019. This is an advance notice, and further papers, ie Agenda, Chairman’s report, and minutes
of the last AGM, will be sent to you later this month.

It is important that as many owners – or representatives – as possible will attend the meeting, as a quorum of 28 people needs to vote on issues for the vote to be valid. This year we have invited long term tenants at THP to attend the AGM, as THP is their home too. Tenants cannot represent themselves in a vote, but can
represent someone else if given a proxy voter status. One person at the meeting – owner or tenant – may be given up to three (3) proxy votes on behalf of owners who are absent.

Owners who wish to a appoint a proxy voter, must email that person accordingly, and the representative should, if possible, bring a copy of that email to the meeting, and inform the Chairman.

Committee Membership 

The THP Committee has to be re-elected each year at the AGM. A minimum of 5, and a maximum of 9 members are required for the Committee. The 2018 current Committee comprises:

  • Colin Faraday D73, English – Chairman
  • Roger Hunt, D74/75, English – Vice Chairman
  • Ana Khunchai Faraday, D73, Thai – Treasurer/Contract Negotiator
  • Peter Hughes, D10, Welsh – Vice Treasurer
  • Lennart Olsson, D66, Swedish
  • Jouko Pihlaja, D52, Finnish
  • Anders Gotesson, D54, Swedish
  • Tom Hepler, D69, American
  • Peter Ericsson, D59, Swedish.

All 9 of the current members have agreed to stand for re-election for the year 2019. However, anyone other than the present Committee members wishing to stand for election, are invited to make their application to the current Chairman, at , and a voting process will be invoked. If no such applications are received, no voting will be necessary, and the current Committee will continue unchanged.

Many thanks,

Colin Faraday, Chairman, THP, 2018,
(on behalf of the THP Committee)

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