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This is an update from your Committee, concerning the upkeep and improvement activities at THP since the AGM in early January.  The committee has met 5 times this year, and has again been very active between those meetings.  The chairman, Treasurer and two other members will be away on their summer breaks in Europe for the next few months.


Maintenance and Water fees:

I am very pleased to report that nearly all the maintenance fees for 2017 and water bills for 2016 have been paid.  I wish to thank you all for your cooperation in achieving this, as it is often a very difficult task “chasing” payments.  The plots whose payments are still outstanding include D28, D19 and D58 – the latter two now owned by a bank.  We are still endeavouring to collect these debts.


Clubhouse Roof:

As you know, we still have problems of rain leakages from the Clubhouse roof. Several leaks have been repaired to date, but there are several more needing attention.  We obtained some quotes for complete re-roofing, or foam-sealing, but these were determined to be too expensive. We are continually monitoring this issue, and re-roofing is still a possible outcome in the next couple of years.


Water Supply:

There has been some improvement of late in the supply of acceptable volumes of water through the City system – but it is still unreliable.  We are in frequent contact with the city authorities, who still promise all will be well when supplies come from the north rather than from the south!  Watch this space!



Stray or feral cats are still causing problems, attacking domestic cats, and fouling in various areas throughout the site.  The notice we sent out earlier this year asking owners to collar and look after their cats – including home toilet arrangements, seems to have been ignored.  Catching offending animals is a problem we have not yet resolved.  Radical suggestions have been received, but the Committee cannot subscribe to them.

Noisy parties – through the night – are being held at some of the houses on site.  We would remind all owners to advise their tenants that the Code of Conduct (which all owners and houses have received – in English and Thai) is adhered to.  Disturbance of neighbours is unacceptable.



  • For the boules enthusiasts, the games area next to the pool has been extended.
  • The tall trees at the rear of the clubhouse have been removed.
  • We have upgraded the sunloungers around the pool area.
  • We have removed trees along the wall on the main soi, to protect underground water pipes; and washed the wall.
  • Decorative lighting along the wall at the entrance to THP has been replaced.
  • Shortly, a new pushchair and wheelchair friendly pathway to the pool will be constructed at the Northwest corner of the grassed area, replacing the current slab-stoned path.
  • All car using residents have now been issued with car stickers to denote bone fide residency – to assist the security guards. Visitors and contractors are issued with badges identifying them as such upon entry to THP.  There is no way to control motor bike identity.


Planned further improvements this year:

  • Purchase and set up of 4 large parasols, with heavy bases around pool area (October).
  • Extend book cases in library area of clubhouse (October).
  • Install attractive screen outside ladies toilet entrance – imminent.
  • Reconsider setting up a “cosy corner” in library area (October).
  • Repair more Clubhouse roof leaks after we can identify sources when raining.
  • Try to solve feral/stray cat problem.
  • Complete renewed THP Website design.


 Current Committee:


Some concerns:

We have recently needed to repair two underground leaks in the site-wide water system.  It is thought these leaks have manifested themselves with the improved water supply and pressure.  The pipework underground is over 12 years old, and we can expect many more leaks to appear as time goes on.  It appears that deteriorating pipe joints is the problem.

Several Hua Hin housing villages are experiencing problems with houses being rented out to Thai people, to hold large and very noisy all-night parties, including karaoke, and apparently involving drugs and drunkenness.  This was reported on a Hua Hin news website.  This is apparently an increasing problem in Hua Hin, and is a concern for the Committee at THP, in preventing them happening here.

We wish you all a pleasant summer or winter – wherever you may be, and we look forward to seeing you again later in the year.


Colin Faraday,
Chairman THP

5 May 2017

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