Cats and Dogs at THP

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Hello everyone

Those of you who attended the AGM in January, are aware of a problem with (apparently) stray cats prowling around the THP site, and fouling in private and public areas. This notice is to request that owners and residents (including tenants) identify their own cats by placing a collar on them for identification. Also, they should provide a toilet for their cat on their own premises.

It is likely that in the near future, cats which are not wearing collars will be removed from the site and delivered elsewhere in the wild.

Dogs are also now proving to be a menace. Most owners are diligent in keeping their dogs on a lead at THP, and cleaning up any mess they make. But unfortunately, some dog owners are not as considerate. Please keep your dog on a lead outside your property, and CLEAN UP ANY MESS THEY MAKE, WHEREVER IT LIES, ROAD OR GRASS.

Note: dogs are NOT allowed in the pool and clubhouse area.

An updated “Rules for Residents” will shortly be distributed, by email and manual delivery to houses. This update will take account of the above issues.

Your cooperation on these matters is much appreciated.


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