Covid-19 Virus

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Dear Owners and Residents,

I am writing to you all as retiring Chairman of THP, with a personal message about the seriousness of the Covid 19 Pandemic now sweeping the globe. I have heard comments made by some people, suggesting that there is unnecessary panic, and it is no more serious than a flu epidemic! Wrong! C19 is deadly, now killing people in ALL age groups, and particularly aged people and those with other health conditions. It is deadly serious, and here in Thailand, we are not getting all the information we need, concerning where C19 cases have been positive-tested, and the distribution throughout the country.

Because of the seriousness of this situation, I would ask that all residents of THP consider carefully how they conduct themselves in terms of visiting events or gatherings of people in town – bars, restaurants, shopping centres, etc. For some, contracting the disease may not be fatal or serious – but it will be easy to bring the virus back to THP, where many elderly people, and people with other health conditions, are living. They will be most vulnerable to having the virus passed to them by someone else on site, with a high risk of fatal results.

I ask that everyone in THP – owners, tenants and short term holiday-makers, consider the risks not only to themselves but to passing the virus to more vulnerable persons. Please observe the official warnings about modifying lifestyle activities, and exercising strict hygiene practices such as frequent 20-second handwashing after returning home from a trip to town, or any other time.

Your cooperation is much appreciated, and Owners – please inform your short-term tenants of this message.

More scientific information can be found here >

Many thanks,

Colin Faraday
Chairman, THP

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