THP Clubhouse Roof

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Dear Owners

I am pleased to report that we have now contracted with another builder to begin work on the clubhouse roof. Work will commence next Monday, 5th March, and is scheduled to be completed in 4 weeks.

During the building, we need to cooperate with the builders in a couple of ways:

  • parts of the road at the rear of the clubhouse will be cordoned off for the storage of materials and preparatory work. Cars and motorbikes will still be able to use the road, but please refrain from using it if you can, and go round the pool area to get to that end of Soi 5 and 7. We need to keep the bottom road open for water tankers and emergency vehicles.
  • While work is taking place at the front of the clubhouse, please access the restaurant and shop from the rear, up the steps. Sheeting will be used at the rear and front of the clubhouse, to protect from dust – at various times.

Sorry for any inconvenience while work is taking place, but your cooperation will be appreciated. Would owners who are renting out their properties please inform their tenants of these arrangements.

Many thanks

Colin Faraday
Chairman THP

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