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    This forum is about Tropical Hill Paradise and related topics only. As a member/house owner, you have the right to disagree with another member’s post. However, you can do this without attacking that person’s character.

    • You shall always be truthful
    • Spreading rumours or lies is not allowed.
    • Your message shall not include any criticism of any residents at THP.
    • Messages shall be friendly and positive
    • Personal attacks will not be tolerated
    • You are not allowed to use foul or abusive language
    • Your messages shall be of interest for all residents
    • Personal messages, from one to another, shall not be posted if not in exceptional case.
    • You are not allowed to use false e-mail when posting
    • You must always underwritten your postings with your our own name
    • You are not allowed give log on and password details to other than House Owners.

    If you not accept the above R&R the consequence is:

    • First time a warning message will be issued and sent to you.
    • Second time you will be blocked from posting for one month.
    • The third time you will be banned from FORUM & WEB.

    Enjoy the forum!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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