UPDATE: THP Restaurant

2017-10-12T21:41:10+00:00 October 12th, 2017|0 Comments

Dear Owners,

Further to my last post, I am happy to report that the Committee has been able to make an offer to Pia which is compatible with her requirements for reduced working and spending more time with her family. Pia has agreed to this offer and will be staying in her role at THP for the foreseeable future.

Pia will remain resident at THP free of rental charge, will be able to close the restaurant one day per week throughout the year (day to be agreed), and have one week off to visit her son every month in the low season, May to October. Notice of her absence, and restaurant closures will be posted in advance on a notice board, and on the new THP website.

We are delighted with this arrangement, with special thanks to Ana, our Treasurer, for negotiating this with Pia.

Best wishes to you all.

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